About us

Henry's Pub has OFFICIALLY REOPENED!  We are happy to be back to work and to be able to catch up with all our friends in the Gaslamp!

Please be patient with us in these trying times as our Hours of Operation are somewhat in flux right now.  As we move toward the "new normal", our days open and hours may change.  Below is our current operations schedule:

Monday - 5pm to 12:30am

Tuesday -5pm to 12:30am

Wednesday - 5pm to 12:30am

Thursday - 5pm to 12:30am

Friday - 5pm to 1:30am

Saturday - 12PM to 1:30am

Sunday - 12PM to 1am

We hope to see you all here real soon!  So happy to be back in the Pub!

Since October 2000 in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter, Henry’s Pub offers a variety of food, beverages, and entertainment across the board, providing something for everyone!

Henry’s Pub San Diego is an American Pub with Finnish Roots. We pride ourselves on fresh, quality & sustainable food sourcing, local craft beers, and specialty cocktail selections. We strive to create a comfortable yet diverse atmosphere for locals and visitors alike, allowing them to leave with lasting memories and connections of San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter.